Naturopathic Services


Initial Appointment                                                       $350.00

  • 2 hours
  • includes live blood cell analysis, a copy of "The Beatty Method" (a 90-page book) and recipe support


Follow Up Appointments

  • 1 hour + 20 minutes                                                $250.00
  • 50 minutes                                                               $175.00
  • 50 minutes + live blood cell analysis                     $190.00
  • 30 minutes                                                               $95.00
  • 30 minutes + live blood cell analysis                    $110.00
  • 15 minutes                                                              $50.00
  • "The Beatty Method" book                                    $20.00
  • USB key with 100+ recipes                                   $10.00
    • Protocol Implementation with one of our staff Health Coaches (exclusive to current patients of Dr. Beatty)
      • 60 minutes                                          $90.00
      • 30 minutes                                          $55.00


Email Consultations                                                  $30.00+

In an effort to continue to provide the best possible care, to as many patients as possible, emails requiring a personal response from Dr. Beatty will be viewed as an email consultation and billed as such.

This fee does not apply to:

  • booking, modifying or questions about appointments
  • updates (with or without lab results) that do not require a response
  • brief clarification about ongoing treatment that can be answered by our reception staff
  • supplement refills
  • doctor-to-doctor communication

Please note, email communication should not replace in-person appointments. 

Phone appointments are also available, billed for duration of the call, as per fee schedule indicated above.



Nutrition COACHING

Private Nutrition Coaching is available with our staff Nutrition & Health Coach, Mike.

  • Initial Appointment - 90 minutes                                        $120.00 +HST
  • Follow Ups - 30 minutes                                                        $60.00 +HST

Please Note: Amanda Beatty is currently has temporarily taken a step back from individualized nutritional consulting. Please feel free to visit her complementary blog, Amanda Naturally, for supportive resources.