We have welcomed a new addition to our community - a Montessori school in the church across the street from us. At their request, please refrain from parking in their parking lot. Thank you!

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We currently have a 8 month wait list, with new appointments estimated for approximately spring/early summer. Since we do not plan to close our doors to new patients, and we prioritize our availability for current patients, we are continuing to add names to the wait list.


Welcome to Beatty Naturopathic! 

Beatty Naturopathic is the professional practice of Dr Jonathan Beatty ND with his wife Amanda Beatty, Nutrition & Health Coach, located in Whitby, Ontario. Dr Beatty ND has been in practice since October 2007 and runs a general family practice with special focuses in autoimmune disorders, autism spectrum disorder and digestive health. Although we focus on these conditions we treat patients with all varieties of disease. 

At Beatty Naturopathic we strive to provide an approach to your healthcare that is focused on you! We will address your current needs and create a plan to provide healing that will put you on a path to wellness. Our goal is to provide you with the information, resources, and motivation you need to get you back on the road to health. 

The focus of our approach is based on a true diagnosis of your illness, not just a name but an understanding of the cause of the condition so that we can help you get back on the path to recovery. We like to think of our approach as true healthcare and not sick-care. Our goal is to not only provide a patient with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, but also to provide the tools and resources to make the implementation of that plan as seamless as possible. In 100% of our patients this includes a significant emphasis on nutritional and lifestyle medicine. In order to streamline your success, we also employ health coaches to ease your transition into this new lifestyle. Our health coaches are one of the ways we provide ongoing support for as you learn to implement healing, anti-inflammatory dietary protocols. By creating the ideal environment for your body to HEAL, we help you to OPTIMIZE your health and function, so that you may THRIVE in life.

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